Which primate's on top?

I wanted to live-blog the debate, but my wireless router wasn't working properly. I changed the DNS addresses and got back online but surfing molasses. Currently mobile blogging. I don't know that I would have added anything useful to the mass of punditry out there, so just as well. I'll link to an overview soon as I can.

I was trying to gauge if one of the candidates was dominant over the other, but not that much stood out. There's some talk that McCain made NO eye contact with Obama, indicating repressed anger and/or primate submission. I've read complaints about Obama offering too much praise to earlier McCain decisions or stances, and this might prove useful to future McCain ads, but for the unfiltered debates it seemed a dominance display. Patting McCain on the head while putting him in his place. I didn't feel Obama held back on criticizing the other Senator. If this was McCain's area of expertise, then young sizzle owned the old coot.


Germanicu$ said...

I thought it was rather clear that Obama came out ahead. McCain had his moments, but he did not commandingly dictate the narrative like Obama did, not even when given a chance. Too reactive, and not good on defense. And I thought reasonable and undecided persons would have had to agree.

I had to make a beer run in the middle of it, so I missed the part where Obama started shrieking and flinging his feces at McCain.

Let all reasonable people also agree that Jim Lehrer is made entirely of wax and Vitalis, and put him in a museum already. He is the Art Buchwald of Texan PBS newscasters.

And quit making fun of McCain's deformity, you monster. He can't look people in the eye since they tortured it out of him in 'Nam.

douchashov said...

If anything, feces is thrown as a defense mechanism, not to establish dominance. So in all likelihood you would have missed McCain throwing feces, but Lehrer had them both on lock-down.