Boeing Strike and Requisite Obama

PilsenProle has a good quick take on why to support the strike at Boeing. It's about time there was a major strike to stop outsourcing to China. Reading some of the comments on the tubes, I'm amazed that people can blame current economic woes on unions. I guess it's easier than knowing how dangerously unregulated financial markets are. Luckily there's a few IAM members out there posting some knowledge, but the funniest thing is this idea that Airbus should get Pentagon contracts because Boeing's workers are unreliable and won't let the company outsource jobs. So workers should shut up so the Pentagon can pay a higher premium on high-skilled jobs sent overseas. What?

Is Airbus/Northrop-Grumman a back story to the IAM and Obama relationship? Remember, IAM's President Buffenbarger deserves a lot of the blame for the meme that Obama is an elitist--him and all his latte sippin' supporters. (I like my coffee black and strong, thank you.) It seems IAM was slow to back Obama because he wasn't vocal enough on the Airbus contract. They didn't endorse him until their convention last week, with Hillary at the helm. But was Obama lukewarm on the Airbus deal because of Buffenbarger, or vice versa? What comes first, Airbus or the latte?

Obama should be filmed walking a Boeing picket line--that would get the Republican attack machine going and help put all those blue collar Palin moms back in line, as well as get the strike some added media attention.

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