Draft Drew Pooters Now!

This is how Obama can completely and utterly wash out the bullshit lying and propagandizing of the McCain campaign. Get Drew Pooters on the stump, out there telling his story--flood the airwaves with ads of this guy doing nothing but telling this heartbreaking, infuriating story about getting repeatedly screwed by corporation after corporation. You don't even need to mention John McCain's name.

And do it quickly--before this stupid fucking ad about John McCain not knowing how to send an email is completely destroyed by ridicule and becomes its own story about Barack Obama hating seniors, or whatever the fuck.


douchashov said...

There's no ad that Obama can run that can't be turned into ridicule by Republicans. It's the only answer they have. Forcing people to work without pay seems a great issue to attack on, but it doesn't jive with what people believe about America. It requires a lot of background info, statistics, and anecdotes. You can't just state it as fact--the post you link to first has to work over the incredulity before it can make its point. Ultimately it would be seen as an attack against Walmart, and that is so easy to turn into an elitist argument since reg'lar folks have to shop there. But I can tell you, this issue hits close to home. Residents now have limits on the amounts of hours they can legally work, and they are basically required not to report all their hours. This and the sex, drugs, and rockn'roll scandal at Minerals Management Services would be good issues for 527s.

douchashov said...

I think a series of ads on Drew Pooters would be a great swiftboating tactic. Essentially state that McCain supports the tactic of forcing people to work without pay and make him spend money to defend himself. I bet you the McCains have stake in a few of the guilty parties.

Mockrates said...

"I think a series of ads on Drew Pooters would be a great swiftboating tactic."

Exactly what I was proposing--that Drew Pooters take over the campaign narrative--like Harry and Louise.

Germanicu$ said...

Can't we all just agree to leave the word "Pooters" out of the campaign narrative? The red squiggly line that appears underneath it when I type makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

Well, I'm floored. If anything, I would speak to the entire nation and ask for sanity; The time I spent in the military I was hoping for a calm country to raise my daughters in and move forward. Well, uh, nope. Niether party can take what I experienced and refute it - after all, when you get shot in the tail for keeping a kid from sleeping on the cold floor of a South Bend Apartment - and paying for the last three buck of the lady's payment out of your own pocket, there's something fundamentally wrong with this country. I still believe in the children of this country, and if asked to speak without pay, I would. I can't in good conscience look into Victoria's eyes (she's eight) and tell her to ignore things. If we did that, then we would not have had a Revolution in the first place in 1775. It'a s a moral imperative, no matter what you believe in, to stand up and fight - even if you may lose that fight - for what is right and just.
And yeah, I get grief for my last name, but I did have distant family members in the Resistance during World War Two in the Netherlands. Some died by the Nazis, I found out, so I will still be proud anyway, and hope to live up to their expectations - the fight for freedom is always going on, regardless of era.

Kindest Wishes,
Drew Pooters
Middlebury, Indiana

douchashov said...

Greetings! You make us all proud. Please update us if you are called on to campaign on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would give an update to the events around us. Although the state of Indiana is now a swing state, and the New York Times has visited the city Elkhart (October 11th issue) to gauge the economic crisis here (and it's much worse than printed - I personally know of people stocking up on dog food to feed their kids as budgets and food stamps run out), I gave the campaign director the story and the resulting articles, but nothing has come of it save one thing - a compliment from Senator Birch Bayh himself on "the courage shown here tells me that after this is all over the people who will make a difference will be seen." So, here I will sit, but I must admit, for an action person like myself, it's hard to watch a deteriorating situation and just stand by. If anyone out there does have a contact of sorts, give them my email: theoracle7@aol.com, and I'll write them back ASAP. I guess you can say that I am a proud apprentice of the "Troublemaker's Union" (love the .jpeg) and there's still two weeks to do something.
Many Thanks,
Drew Pooters
Middlebury, Indiana

douchashov said...

I've sent your info to a few folks, don't know if there will be any bites. I think the Dems are too afraid to take this issue up since it would pit them directly against some large corporate spenders, but one can only hope that some policy changes will address the problem. This month's Labor Notes has a story on workers in Nashville who were making $2 an hour, and Interfaith Worker Justice has made wage theft one of its primary campaigns, so I think this issue will gain traction.

Anonymous said...

I also wish that people will wake up and smell the rotting food in the fridge called America. I have tried along with Drew Pooters, my father (I am 12) to make people relize what's happening. It's Obama's 2nd term and people are JUST realizing what's happening
And @ Germanicu$: I'm a Pooters. My family is not just a "word" It was inapropriate to say that.

The bestest wishes,
Victoria Pooters