Dominance Has Its Perks

Here's another splashy study that's all over the news but not yet available in print: sexist men make more money than their non-sexist counterparts. A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology appears to find that men who feel women should stay at home and take care of the kids make around $8000 per year more than men who feel a woman's place is where she deems it. Most of the speculation centers around the idea that sexist men are more assertive; entitlement is persuasive.

As soon as I get my hands on the study, I'll say a little more about it. Until then, I'll leave this little tidbit from a previous study by the same authors:
traditional individuals experienced more guilt from family-interfering-with-work, and egalitarian individuals experienced more guilt from work-interfering-with-family.
The authors seemed to have controlled for all the right factors, so I assume that sexist men don't simply work longer hours, but if they put more effort into their work it seems they might be deserving of higher wages. Stay tuned.

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Mockrates said...

How about this: women married to men who are big earners can stay home, and, consequently, those men decide that it's best for women to stay home--like how we all eventually adjust our ideology to accommodate our lifestyle choices. Just a thought.