Here's one of those great campaign stories that hits all the requisite anti-McCain memes:

1. He's too old and confused
2. He's pig-headed and can't admit when he fucks up
3. He's a liar
4. The people around him are morons
5. He has a recklessly expansive view of who our "enemies" are

Although the story itself is too complex and nuanced to get into the McCain narrative directly through soundbites, the campaign's hilarious response has done some serious damage to his image amongst the scions of the elite media, who have always been his head cheerleaders, and who have been jumping ship lately at an alarming (for McCain) rate. In the words of John Aravosis, at the sublimely titled Americablog:

What's going on is that McCain is so egotistical and so reckless that he'd rather risk major damage to our relationship with a lead US ally than admit that he misheard a series of questions during an interview. Somebody is seriously paranoid about giving voters any impression that his mind is slipping. And that only makes us wonder all the more if it is.


douchashov said...

McSpain. Ha-ha! Seriously, though, Yoli Cuello, the reporter in question, was quoted saying, "People here are worried about lots of things, the economy, immigration. Not about Spain." And she's got it mostly right, as far as the Latino vote goes, except we actually love seeing Spain humiliated. How awesome is that?
The McCain camp must think he would look worse admitting a mistake, especially with the media turning on him. You suggested in a text message that McCain should have stated that he had trouble with the reporter's accent, but I wondered if that would play poorly with the Latino audience he's trying to reach. Here's his latest ad, en español.
Funny thing is, McCain is nowhere mentioned in the ad. It's all about how Obama's allies have blocked immigration reform efforts, not about how he spearheaded them. This must be so he can maintain some consistency with his current stance against comprehensive reform, or he's given up on that demographic entirely and wants Obama to respond so he can attack Obama, en inglés, as supporting immigration. Weird. I still think he just handed the Latino votes on a platter to Obama.

douchashov said...

I think this meme that the McCain camp is risking significant damage to US relations with a major NATO ally is just garbage. Like Harper risked significant damage to Canada's relationship with the US? Or even Obama and McCain risking significant damage to the relationship with Russia? Or take any myriad number of examples risking damage to the relationship with China. Come on, everyone knows campaigns talk shit. It's what actions administrations take that actually count. In that regard, the only one that actually matters is a Canadian administration attempting to manipulate a US election.

Germanicu$ said...

"...he just handed the Latino votes on a platter to Obama."

Maybe. Or maybe he was reinforcing that key GOP demographic, People Who Vote Republican Because They Hate Democrats. Hmm. I don't know how significant this demographic is in the latino community. Or any other community, for that matter. "Capitalize on Democratic Antipathy" is the only clear campaign strategy I have seen from the McCain campaign. It seems all they are offering America is the chance to NOT be governed by Obama. That's just sad.