The real reason to fear the Singularity

"John Tierney poses the question whether machines far smarter than us will become our masters or our partners. There is another alternative, that superintelligent machines will be the partners of rich and powerful humans, making them masters of the rest of us."


Marsha N said...

That is an excellent point! Do you read science fiction by the way? I've been reading a ton over the last few years. Loving it.

douchashov said...

I used to devour sci-fi, but haven't in a while. Wish I had more time. When I was in Mexico I was given the collected works of Saramago in Spanish, and they're just staring at me imposingly from my bookcase. I can't walk into my living room without feeling like i'm in a tell-tale heart. You should read We, by Zamyatin. It rocks.

Marsha N said...

I loved Seeing or whatever the title was by Saramago. Read it so long ago though. Well, Toronto long ago. I'll check out Zamyatin.