No Need to Panic

First, hope everyone noticed Vivos Voco has a couple of new posters. Mockrates and Germanicu$. The mock is on!

Now, I'm sorry, but the McCain camp has to be in utter and absolute panic. How else to explain an ad accusing Obama of supporting sex-ed for five year olds? Rachel Maddow seems besides herself looking for negative adjectives to describe this ad.

What is the demographic McCain is trying to reach? The coveted pedophile demographic? Maybe this ad appeals to the black helicopter crowd--I can't think what other group might have an average IQ under 80--but those guys are going to vote for McCain anyway. Anyone with half-a-brain sees right through this.

Now that the Palin honeymoon is over--oh, those intertubes!--and the MSM is starting to call McCain out on the sheer torrent of lies, they've got nothing left. They're just going to keep scraping the slime from the bottom of the barrel, and that indicates to me that they're done. They're just going to blindly fling poo and hope some of it sticks, but they're going to turn off everyone that isn't part of the Palin fanclub.

A clear goal is to create the appearance that Obama's in trouble, but the only place I sense that is working is on liberal ADHD-blogs. Stop eating McCain's shit, okay! It doesn't taste good.

I originally thought that Obama was in trouble if he'd put out word for the "cavalry" to come to the rescue, but no, now I think the plan is to stay on topic, maintain an aura of presidential inevitability, and let the 527s get in the mud to give McCain some of his own, certainly, but also to placate the hand-wringers who fly into a rage with each new McCain excreta. It's a useful escape valve, and can also serve to reclaim some of those Reagan Dems throbbing for Palin.

The Republicans are looking at how Obama won the nomination, and he won it by staying on top of the numbers and not getting in the mud with Clinton. But they have no alternative. The Republicans are following the Clinton strategy to a T, but cranking the decibels to 11. They've laid out this gorgeously fetid puddle of muck, and they're hoping one of Obama's own pushes him into it. It ain't gonna happen.

That being said, I agree that Obama does need to tone down the cerebral musings and be more direct: "Lipstick on a pig! Of course we stand by that. Have you heard what they say? We're surprised they think this is about Palin, but they must know something we don't. If the shoe fits, wear it." At least they've learned to stop apologizing every other day.


Mockrates said...

"I can't think what other group might have an average IQ under 80--but those guys are going to vote for McCain anyway. Anyone with half-a-brain sees right through this."

As you well know, half of Americans have an IQ of 100 or below. And if you have ever talked to someone with an IQ of 100, you know that the word "average" is applied only in the strictest mathematical sense of where they are on the distribution. Most Americans are dumb enough to swallow this garbage, and are usually persuaded to do so.

Don't panic? Fine. Obama doesn't need to sink to their level? Agreed. But he needs to overpower their message with something other than lame rejoinders and whining about the lies they tell. And he ain't doing it.

douchashov said...

I think the best strategy here is to ridicule McVain, treat Palin with respect, and let them take care of the rest. How awesome is it that McVain is afraid to go out alone without Palin to protect him?