"Palin Can Be VP, Unless Her Husband Says Otherwise"

That first dude's such a liburel. From Right Wing Watch:

Palin is allowed to serve as Vice President because the Bible doesn't say she can't.  But if her husband decides he doesn't want her to be VP, then she can't:

Land's wife works as a psychotherapist, but he said he couldn't see himself as "first dude" (a term used by Palin's husband). Still, he thinks decisions about roles are up to each husband and wife -- including Sarah and Todd Palin.

"The only thing that would disqualify Gov. Palin from being governor or vice president, in my opinion, would be if her husband didn't want her to do it," he said.

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Germanicu$ said...

I fully support Todd Palin's insistence that his wife wear a burqa during debates. But only if Obama gets to wear those sweet Somalian pyjamas he picked up in Africa.