Why I hate Identity Politics

Palin celebrates Idiocy on national TV and gets away with it. Since her idiocy was made plain, her whole strategy entails proclaiming it from the highest mountain top and gathering the idiot minions around her. She is the Last Unreconstructed American.

I was a little disappointed in Pinker's piece in today's Times. I was expecting a little more psychology, instead it was mostly linguistics. I agree that her abuse of the vernacular is irrelevant, and that her effort to hide behind the vernacular is. But, how do the linguistic tools measure as far as motivating behavior? Any ideas, professor? I don't think they measure up, in part because she is a woman. Sure, she offered a lifeline to everyone that desperately sought a reason to adore her, like Pat Buchanan (proving that it is possible to WILL oneself into idiocy). And, sure, she projects this exciting tension as a potential ball-breaker, but I think watching Biden barely conceal his contempt for her lack of knowledge through a forced teeth-bearing smile (with the accompanying command of details) is what led to polls suggesting he won the debate. If she were known as an intelligent woman, like Hillary Clinton, the contempt would be seen as sexist. But since everyone could see Palin can't answer an unscripted question, Biden's restraint came across as chivalry. Any takers? I think Gail Collins agrees.

I'm still coughing up a little phlegm thanks to my germ-delivery cost-center. I hereby proclaim today the celebration of all phlegm-coughers day. It is only your own unexamined bias that makes you uncomfortable every time I spit in front of you.

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