No strike on Iran before inauguration

Jonathan Marcus at the BBC claims that plans for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities prior to Bush leaving office have been called off.
Within the Bush administration the tensions between hawks and the more pragmatic voices seem to have reached a stalemate.
Perhaps the president himself does not want to leave as his legacy a Middle East in even greater turmoil.
Accordingly Washington has made its opposition to an imminent Israeli attack against Iran crystal clear.
Indeed the recent American decision to supply Israel with an advanced early warning radar system - to be manned by Americans - is intended, paradoxically, both to strengthen Israel's defences while restricting its freedom of action, independent from Washington.

Small favors.

Of course, Uri Avnery called this one back in July.


Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense.

Just wait.

douchashov said...

Come on, anonymous, throw me a bone. Is a strike imminent? Will it happen before the election to help McCain, or after the election to make sure Obama owns it? I earlier posted on scandalous rumors that the US had stopped an Israeli strike en route. Israel is likely capable of a lightning strike, but what's the scenario for a strike in the next two weeks or shortly thereafter?