Open Letter from Freedom Rider Miriam Bolivar

To whom this may concern,
Good afternoon/Morning, my name is Miriam O. Bolivar and I am 13 years old. I am citizen of the United States. I was born in Missouri. I also have 2 brothers named Ivan A, Bolivar and Jesus O. Bolivar they are both also citizens of the United States, they were born in Illinois. One of the things that the United States have given me is my family and life and I am thank full for that.
But as you may probably heard here in the United States they are going to the different airports like O’Hare and arresting people because either their Social securities do not match. But also, arresting different kind of people on the highways because of not fair reason. All these reasons are going to separate 99% of families. As you may probably know you wouldn’t like to have your family separated because some legal documents that they don’t have, would you?
I have had a close up relationship with a lady that was about to be deported on the 9-18-03 but Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez made her stay because she had a United States citizen child that was born here. And that would’ve probably been a big Impact on the child because he was born here and has been here all his life.
Another real close relationship is the one that right now I am facing with my family. And that problem all started because of a tire that exploded. We were on our way to New York for a Day laborer conference with 5 other people who wanted to join, but unfortunately the tire exploded. Then as all people would do, we stopped on the edge of the highway and tried to change the exploded tire. Then a car stopped and offered help, but they couldn’t do anything because the tire had been stuck and there was no way to take it out.
After the car had left and then there came a state trooper named France. All of us were so happy because we thought if a State Trooper had come, they were going to help us. He didn’t! Instead he said “SHOW ME SOME GREEN CARDS!” My mom and another 2 men didn’t have their “green cards.” The 3 people got arrested and accused with immigration and on their way to Deportation. After they were all handcuffed, they were put in a police car and took to the police station. My mom asked to see us, her children but that right was dragged away from her because they told her that the only way she could see us was by signing the Voluntary Departure papers. And like any other mother would do, she didn’t think it twice and singed the voluntary departure papers.
She had a limit of 30 more days here in the United States. But she fought so she could stay. Until now she is still fighting because she was here already 17-18 years and has not done any crimes, the only crime that she has done is working and not having the Legal Documents. She also has 3 United States citizens’ children that have done all their life here and do not know what it is to go to the country that their mother came from.
It will hurt me dearly if my mother has to leave. And as you may probably know... “THERE IS NO LOVE LIKE A MOTHER’S LOVE!!!” so please here in your state, make the best of it that families won’t get separated because of some papers. Let their family stay united and not like scattered people with broken hearts that all their lives are ruined. Because everybody has the right to be loved and to give love to their family. PLEASE help me and my family stay here in the United States and not get separated because of some papers that my mom doesn’t have. Thank you for your time.
Miriam O, Bolivar

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